Top 3 Best Wet Vacuum Cleaners in India 2020

We must maintain our home clean for better health and hygiene. Cooking smoke, dust, dirt, grimes makes flooring, walls, ceiling and cabinets dirty. This must be regularly cleaned to maintained overall cleanliness and hygiene of home and kitchen. We can easily do this by having the Best Wet Vacuum Cleaners at the home.

A vacuum cleaner is also used to clean many sofas, beds, couches, and floors.

There are wide varieties of vacuum cleaner base on different capacity, features, price, etc. We have searched the best 3 wet vacuum cleaners that can help to keep your home and kitchen clean.


Top 3 Best Wet Vacuum Cleaners in India


1. Karcher WD 3 Vacuum Cleaner Wet and dry, Multi-purpose  

Karcher WD 3 is a Wet and dry vacuum cleaner made with German Technology. This is a versatile, durable vacuum cleaner that will make your cleaning experience better and hassle-free.

It is 1,000 watts multi-purpose vacuum cleaner for super and powerful performance.

It is built with a robust and impact-resistant plastic container with a capacity of 17 litres.

This vacuum cleaner consists of a cartridge filter that makes convenient vacuuming of wet and dry dirt, without filter replacement.

The blower function is used, when vacuuming is not possible to remove dust.

It features an easily removable handle that allows direct attachment of accessories to the suction hose.

It has features such as the “Pull & Push” locking system, ergonomic design.

Provided with cable and accessory storage that makes cleaning jobs easy and hassle-free.



2. Eureka Forbes Wet and Dry Trendy  DX1150 

This is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner provided with a powerful motor for superior performance. This can clean, sweep and also mop your floor. 

It has powerful suction and blower with 1150W Motor to remove deep embedded dust and dirt.

This comes with a wide range of accessories for efficient and versatile cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner can be used to clean both wet and dry spills.

This vacuum cleaner has storage space to safely store the cord.

It has 360-degree swivel wheels for easy handling, stability, and easy mobility around the house.

It has a plastic container of enormous capacity which can store the accumulated water waste of 8 liters and dust of 10 liters. This avoids frequent emptying of a container and helps in uninterrupted cleaning.



3. Prestige Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 1200 Watt

This vacuum cleaner is used for both sweep and mop to get the utmost hygiene with ease.

It has 1200 watts motor for powerful suction and blower to clean hard to reach areas.

Its ability of wet and dry cleaning helps to remove spills or tough stains without any hassle.

This Vacuum cleaner consists of a HEPA filter that efficiently removes indoor contaminants like fine dust particles. It prevents motor clogging by avoiding the accumulation of dust particles.

It has a larger dust case of 10 litres capacity. This reduces the hassle of emptying the bin repeatedly and ensures interruption-free work.

This has 360-degree swivel wheels for easy movement around the home.

The Auto-cut Float feature protects the motor from being damaged due to overflow.

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