Top 3 Best Floor Cleaning Steam Mops in India 2020

It can be quite difficult to clean the entire house with a bucket or flat mop. It is more difficult to clean sticky flooring of the Kitchen. This can be easily done by using newly arrived steam mops.

Steam mops are effective cleaning tools that give great results. This uses high-pressurized hot steam to remove stubborn stains, dirt.  It also kills bacteria and blasts dirt out of the sticky floor.

A steam mop is the best household equipment for all cleaning activities in your Kitchen, Bathroom, and home. Following 3 Best Floor Cleaning Steam Mops can make your cleaning jobs quick, easy and effortless.


1. Eureka Forbes Vapomop Stick Steam Cleaner 

This steam mop is equipped with powerful steam and flexible floor brush. It is capable of removing stubborn stains. It sanitizes your home, Kitchen and kills the germs.

It has 1600 watts of power. Its smart set steam control feature controls steam output to clean different surfaces.

It has a flexible and large swivel head that makes it convenient and efficient for cleaning every corner of the house.

Its SpotBoost Brush is designed to remove tough and sticky messes.

Easy and quick filling water tank.

This is compact and portable steam mop that can be easily moved. It occupies less storage space.

Its spring breeze fragrance discs leave behind a fresh, clean scent without using any harmful chemicals.



2. Black + Decker FSM1605 Steam Mop  

Black + Decker FSM1605 Steam mop is a versatile steam cleaner.

This uses steam power and is used to clean your floors, mirrors, upholstery, tiles and more. You can now easily remove the most stubborn grime quickly.

It has 1300W of power. The floor will dry in seconds because of its Super-heated.

Provided with Easy Glide Micro fibre pad for ultimate performance that can last over 100 wash cycles.

Provides a powerful steam flow for deep cleaning of floors.

It has 180 degrees pivoting mop head for easy movement around furniture and in tight spaces.

This steam mop is lightweight and easy to move.

Easy to fill water tank of capacity 350 ml.



3. Shark Ninja Steam Mop (S1000A) 

SharkNinja Steam Pocket Mop is a compact and lightweight steam mop. It is used to clean your kitchen, house and give hasslefree, effective and easy mopping experience.

Its Super-heated steam gets ready in 30 seconds and provides the best sanitization on hard floors without harsh chemicals.

Its On-demand variable steam technology uses your natural mopping motion to deliver super-heated steam.

Shark Steam technology gives double-sided cleaning with every pad.

This Lightweight steam mop cleans and sanitizes all sealed hard-floor surfaces.


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