Top 5 Best Steam Irons in India 2022

Neat, clean, crease-free and pressed clothes are our daily needs. Properly pressed cloths improve appearance, keep you fresh and presentable. The modern Best Steam Irons in India have made this tough job of ironing, easy and simple. 

The modern, lightweight, ergonomically designed best steam iron gives better-pressed quality than dry irons and Hasslefree, fast and easy user experience.

The steam Iron converts the stored water into steam and is sprayed to moisturize the clothes. This gives extra moisture to clothes and helps to remove the tough wrinkles. Because of additional parts and construction, the steam irons are quite expensive than Dry iron but give wrinkle-free press quality.


Top 5 Best Steam Irons in India-2022


1.Black+Decker BD BXIR2202IN 2200-Watt Steam Iron


This stylish and sturdy steam iron can make your ironing experience hassle-free with crease-free clothes.

It is built with a durable, friction-free Ceramic coated soleplate that helps in even heat distribution. 

2200 Wattage gives quick heating of the iron and faster steam generation. This easily removes tough wrinkles and creases.

Steam Burst and Spray provide extra moisture to smoothen the most difficult creases such as on cotton garments.

It can produce 35 g/min continuous steam output and a steam boost of 90g/min.

Vertical steam helps to remove wrinkles and gives a fresh look to vertically hanging clothes.

Its 380 ML large water tank ensures that you don’t have to refill the tank frequently. This also ensures that steam can be produced for a longer period.

With the Variable Temperature and steam control feature, you can adjust the temperature and the amount of steam per clothes without worrying about damage.

The Anti-calc feature counters the limescale build-up that can damage clothes. This prevents any limescale residue formation in Iron.

The Anti-drip feature prevents the water dripping from the soleplate. It also ensures no spilling of water even if the tank is entirely full. No leakage of water droplets from any corner of the steam iron.

The limescale deposits that occur due to the presence of calcium carbonate in the water affect the steam supply. The Self-clean function prevents this deposition of limescale.  

Warranty- 2 years on product.



2. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt


This Morphy Richards Super Glide is one of the Best Steam Irons, capable of effortlessly flattening the wrinkles on your clothes and efficiently reduce ironing time.

It has an advanced diamond and ceramic coated soleplate that plays the role of an even distributor of heat, longer life, and super smooth glide over the fabric.

The iron uses 2000 wattage of power that ensures efficient steaming and gives wrinkle-free fabrics.

This iron has 46 steam holes that are responsible for providing the perfect blend of steam and heat. This gives wider coverage for steam pressing, every time.

Verticle Steam feature facilitates to eliminates wrinkles and gives a fresh look to your hanging garments, such as suits, jackets, drapes, etc.

Turbo Boost feature enables to remove the stubborn creases by allowing 150 gm steam to penetrate into the fabric.

The extra-large water tank of 350 ml. No need to refill water frequently.

It generates 11gm of continuous steam and Powerful steam Shots of 150 gm/min.

Safety   Variable steam and temperature control – With this feature, you can adjust Temperature and steam as per the type of clothes without worrying about damage.

Anti-calc function prevents any limescale residue deposition.

Its Self-clean ability flushes out any deposits automatically and prevents the vents from getting clogged. This feature also ensures higher efficiency and long life.

It is provided with a 360-degree swivel cord for easy movement in any direction.

Warranty- 2 Years warranty


3. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt


This is the best portable steam iron from Philips with 1440 Watt power. This can be the best economical solution to make your daily ironing task simple and easy.

It is built with a black linished soleplate with a pointed tip. This ensures frictionless movement and glides easily over all kinds of clothes.

The spray feature releases a fine mist to evenly moistens the fabric and makes it easier to iron out hard creases.

FIt has a huge filling hole, and the sideways opening the door of the Philips iron. This makes them easy and super fast filling of the water tank possible.

Easy and Super Fast Emptying of the Watertank- the huge emptying hole and the sideways opening door make emptying of the water tank easy and super fast.

Continuous Steam Output Up to 17 g/min.

Water tank capacity: 180ml.

Safety   Adjustable thermostatic control – control dial allows you to adjust the heat settings of this Iron according to the clothes you are pressing.

Calc clean solution – Over time, steam iron will start to build up calc or scale. The Self-clean function removes calc easily.

Bottom grove for easy ironing along with buttons and seams.

Cord freedom (swivel) – 180-degree cord freedom.

Warranty- 2 years on product.


4. Eveready SI1410 1400-Watt


This Eveready SI1410 1400-Watt is a compact steam iron featuring a powerful burst and variable steam useful home appliance that ensures that your suits and outfits are crease-free.

It has a non-stick ceramic coated soleplate that enables the user to easily glide iron-on cloths with uniform heat distribution.

Sturdy Handle Eveready steam iron is made from durable plastic that won’t melt. The handle assures easy and safe handling without being burned.

The spray nozzle provided at the front facilitates spritzing water over a considerable area to be ironed.

Spray and Steam Button – This feature is used to remove stubborn creases as a burst of steam comes out of steam holes.

By the variable steam control, you can adjust the amount of steam you need as per fabric type.

Vertical steam functions enable crease removal in hanging fabrics.

360ml water tank stores sufficient water to create steam for a longer time.

The self-clean function removes impurities and scales accumulated in the steam chamber of iron.

With the temperature control knob, you can set the temperature at the desired level to suit the garment being ironed. Overheat safety protection.

Other Features 360 Degree Swivel Cord- Having a 360-degree swivel cord is advantageous for getting effortless and convenient ironing. It reduces the pressure on the user’s palm and wrist.

Warranty- 2 years on product



5. Morphy Richards Glide 1250-Watt


This Morphy Richards Glide 1250W steam iron will impress you with its modern features. Keep your clothes fresh, crease-free and simplify your ironing task.

Its non-stick coated soleplate glides evenly and smoothly over the fabric and avoids pulling and wrinkling.

The Verticle Steam feature eliminates wrinkles and gives a fresh look to your hanging garments.

The turbo boost feature incorporated in this model gets rid of stubborn creases, by allowing 100 gm/min powerful steam shots steam to penetrate into the fabric.

15gm of continuous steam.

Variable steam control to suit all fabrics.

The extra-large water tank of 300ml.

The self-clean ability of this steam iron flushes out any deposits automatically. It prevents the clogging of vents and improves longevity.

Other Features Long 360-degree swivel cord for easy movement.

The sharp beak of this iron enables you to reach the critical areas below buttons, corners to give fine results.

Warranty- 2 years on product.

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