Realme Buds 2 vs JBL C200SI Earphone Review and Comparison

If you are searching for the best earphone then you are in the right place. In this article, we have reviewed and compared Realme Buds 2 vs JBL C200SI earphones. If you are confused between Realme Buds 2 and JBL C200SI then this article will help to choose your best product.

When we talk about the budget earphones then we expect that it should give maximum features and best value to our hard-earned money. It should be light in weight, attractive in look with better ergonomics. It should provide tangle-free design and easy to carry. 

Both the earphones i.e Realme Buds 2 and JBL C200SI provides the best features and user experience in the category. Also, both the earphones are available at affordable prices.


Realme Buds 2 vs JBL C200SI Earphone Comparison

Realme Buds 2

Realme Buds 2 vs JBL C200SI Earphone Comparison

Realme buds 2 is one of the best earphones under Rs. 1000 in India. It is built with an ultra big, bass boost 11.2 mm driver that consists of a multilayer composite diaphragm. This brings deep, powerful and accurate bass. This earphone is designed to give a powerful bass and ultimate music experience. 

This earphone has an inline remote with 3 tactical buttons and mike. This facilitates you to control your music and videos call and even control your voice assistant by the touch of the button.

It is built with integrated magnets by which you can easily and firmly stack on their faces and store them neatly.

This earphone features a tangle-free cable design that consists of a premium reinforced braided jacket and two evenly grooved PTU cables.

You can keep your earphone tidy with an adjustable built-in cable trap provided with the cable.

It is very light in weight and has an attractive and elegant look because of its matte and streamlined design.

This earphone comes with 6 months warranty.





Realme Buds 2 vs JBL C200SI Earphone Comparison

Jbl c200si is another best earphone under Rs. 1000 in India from well-known brand JBL. This earphone is built with a 9.00mm driver.

It is a lightweight earphone that can be comfortably worn for long hours. It is designed with a JBL level bass response to make your everyday musical journey comfortable and appealing.

It has an attractive premium metallic finish. It has an angled fit design and provided with three sizes of earplugs to ensure an easy fit in any ear.

You can easily answer and manage your calls without any hindrance because of its one-button universal remote with noise isolation microphone.

It is provided with 3.5 mm gold plated jacks. This ensures lossless connectivity and better and faster data transfer.

This earphone is compatible with android devices.

Jbl c200si comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty.


Realme Buds 2 vs JBL C200SI Comparison

Realme Buds 2 JBL C200SI
Cable Length 1.25M 1.2M
Weight 13.6 g 18g
Microphone With Microphone With Microphone
Connector type 3.5mm, Wired 3.5mm, wired
Driver 11.2 mm 9 mm
Frequency 20-20k Hz  20-20k Hz
Impedance 32 ohms 16 +/- 3.2 ohms
Other Total 3 sets of ear tips Total 3 sets of ear tips
Warranty 6 months 1 year
Remark Best Budget Buy Best Overall Buy



Sometimes when both the products are good then we get confused about which one to select. In this article, we reviewed and compared Realme Buds 2 vs JBL C200SI earphones. Here also both the earphones are good. If you have budget constraint then you can go for Realme Buds 2 which is the best budget buy. If you can afford a little extra then you can buy a JBL C200SI earphone which has a better one year warranty.

Hope this comparison will help you to select your best earphone and make your buying decision easy.


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