Top 2 Best Full Body Massage Chairs in India 2022

After long stressful working hours throughout the day, you may prefer to relax the body. The body massaging is the best way to relax the body and releases stresses. We have searched the best Best Full Body Massage Chairs that can relax your complete body at home.

Relaxing body for some time puts the break on stress, makes your body calm and prepares for new challenges.

A full body massage chair is a very luxurious product that offers the ultimate massage to your full body. 

Having a full body massage chair at home saves a lot of time and money.

Massage chairs simulate multiple massage techniques to suit your different body parts. This chair can give you the ultimate comfort and relaxation at home.


Top 2 Best Full Body Massage Chairs in India


1. Jsb Mz24, 3D Full Body Massage Chair


Top 2 Best Full Body Massage Chairs in India

This has a Luxury 3D Space Saving Design. It facilitates Shoulder Width Adjustment as Per User’s Chest Width. You can manually adjust the Shoulder Airbags as per the user’s shoulder width.

This massage chair gives Air Bag Massage on Shoulder, Arms, Calves & Foot. Dedicated Foot Scraping Massage with Feet & Ankle Heating

It provides calf Rubbing & Nodal Acupressure Massage for Better Blood Circulation.

This chair has 12 Auto Modes. Find the best mode that suits most to your Needs.

Control through easy and highly Interactive Remote or VOICE COMMAND. Listen to Your Favourite Music through MP3 or Bluetooth Sync.

The company provides 1-Year On-Site Door Step Warranty.


2. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Massage Chair


Top 2 Best Full Body Massage Chairs in India

This chair is designed with a shiatsu kneading massage technique. It is built with a set of vertically movable and four-wheel driven intelligent massage hands.

It has functions like Flapping, knocking, simultaneous kneading. Shoulder automatic detection and location Set with the characterized auto massage function.

This chair has Six kinds of automatic sets with memory set on function m1, m2.

There are three modes for upper body massage that are fixed, partial, and overall massage.

It has adjustable speed for various states – flapping, shiatsu, knocking.

Adjustable width between two kneadings (three modes).


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